Thursday, November 03, 2011

Firefly - Information the Media And Others Would Never Reveal

In April of 2009, most of us on the Peoria County Board were informed that Peoria County and the City of Peoria were in consultation about buying 60 acres of land at $50,000 an acre for a proposed FireFly expansion that would add 784 new jobs to the area. The deal for the land was proposed to be $300,000 down and $675,000 a year 6% interest. The county had the funds available to acquire the property but the City Of Peoria would need to borrow their share of the cost from the county.

Additional grants from the feds and state would be needed for roadway improvements, etc., to incorporate a technology site at this location.

This informative article stated that "Mr. Widmer wanted to know what kind of property tax FireFly would pay". It was explained FireFly would get a 5 year Enterprise Zone Abatement on property taxes plus other incentives as Pekin, Michigan and Kentucky were also courting FireFly.

"Widmer had other questions to ask but he was advised this was still in the beginning stages but that the City had already spoken to the City Council the county administrator wanted to inform most County Board members as well."

Administration said that emails had already been sent to the Governor's Office, Illinois Finance Authority, Senator Koehler and Risinger, and Representative Leitch saying, "the County can not do this with local dollars alone".

It was debated from what fund the County would take the county investment from and our administrator recommended the Health Fund.

County Board Member Salzer "mentioned that according to sources, Senator Durbin and others "would do what it takes to keep FireFly in the State.

While all this negotiating and discussions were taking place, I and other board members learned of it only on April 28, 2009. As I understand the land is still "available".

All the County and City were waiting on was the "green light" from FireFly.

That's the way government works, folks. Most of you know the "rest of the story". If not just enter "FireFly" on my blog search bar.

And we wonder how and why this country is in the bad financial shape we are in.


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