Saturday, October 29, 2011

Obama Like FDR and Truman? No, Probably More Like Hoover and Carter

So says Steve Forbes and many other knowledgeable people. "President Obama thinks the road to reelection lies in a mix of FDR and Truman. FDR bashed "economic royalists," who were "selfish" and who had met their match" in the great the great man. FDR won in a landslide. Truman shrilly campaigned against a "do nothing" Republican Congress and pulled off the biggest upset win in presidential history. Sadly for Barack Obama, this stuff won't work in 2012."

Do nothing Republicans? He and his supporters need to read more honest history.
And Truman, the guy that went broke in business 5 times or so, trying to tell business people how to run their businesses?

Good grief.

This article by Forbes is in the November 1 issue of Forbes Magazine. Along with the Wall Street Journal, they are two media's that all informed voters should read, Republicans, Independents , Democrats and especially, the Occupiers. The Occupiers, called BOBB, or Barack Obama's bosom buddies are angry, if only they knew exactly who they were angry about. Most of them appear to know why they are disillusioned but if they are attacking capitalism why aren't they attacking Hollywood, that over-fed Moore nut, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters and there commander-in-chief, BO himself???

Why not? Because they thrash around wildly striking out knowing that something is stinging them but they cant distinguish what is is, bedbugs or African bees.

It's not the honey bees that provide a good they are to blind to see.

Now, the bums and radicals among them are turning to violence. And the union bosses and Democrat bosses are trying to capitalize on their chaos.

So sad.

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