Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kudos to Those Who Get Things Right and Write LTE"S

Judith Shanahan from Metamora on "Improve Current Roads Instead of Building New Ones', Stephen A. Bill from Washington, "Jobs Bill is a Short-Term Spending Trap", and Douglas H. Hanbury from East Peoria, "Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Misguided".

Thumb up and write more often.

Thumbs down to my friend and County Board Member Democrat Phil Salzer from Peoria, "Get the Facts Straight About Obama's Jobs Bill". We have got the facts straight about the American Jobs Act and the Recovery act. That's why, if the Republicans can get their act together and with the support of we Tea Party people, we just might stop spending more than we take in.

Even doing that will not pay down the debt. We are paying over $4 billion dollars a year and growing just on the interest on federal borrowed money, not counting states like the Democrat controlled and corrupt State of Illinois. And cities like Peoria and the 8, I believe that have already declared bankruptcy or are near default.

Phil is great on spending OPM. Unfortunately, it is people like him that are causing this great country to slide rapidly to socialism and bankruptcy.

Then there is Democrat Mike Everett, a local union boss, who wrote, "Rebuild America, Cut Unproductive Congressmen First", Republicans, of course, and some Republicans I agree. Mike would like to unionize all businessmen in Peoria, the public sector is already unionized and look at the shape Peoria is in. If you believe the movers and shakers, Peoria is in good shape, wait till the school tax bills hit the property owners and the museum and hotel do exactly like I predicted the RiverPlex and the ball park (JS article dated 5/30/07, "O'Brien Field Fails to Attract Growth) and my $50,000 investment I made when the club was at Meinen Field, is gone.

'O'Brienville', "Lack of Development no Surprise to Some Readers", JS 6/1/07. It was certainly no surprise to me as I wrote in a LTE to the JS, ""New Ballpark too much of a risk" and the JSEB echoed my feeling by writing, "Why should city risk millions on stadium".

O'Brien is getting a free ride on the name. Hard to say whether it helps his dealerships or not.

With attendance falling to near Meinen Field numbers this season, we will probably learn why the ball park is consistently not meeting it's projections.

Well, it's the economy, isn't it???

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