Sunday, October 02, 2011

Is Greece Socialism Coming to the United States of America?

Or is it almost here now? Summing up actions of the Greek political class: "The present government has done absolutely nothing during the last 12 months to speed up privatization, reduce the public sector or open up closed professions", said Athanasios Papandrpoulous, a leading economic analyst. "In these 12 disastrous months, it has not fired even one civil servant. The only thing it is doing is trying to tax the private sector out of existence. Why should we believe they will do something different now?"

My wife and I had planned to visit Greece someday. Not ever now as it would be too dangerous as Greece is heavily unionized.

Taken from and article in the WSJ by Takis Michan on 9/20/11.

A recent report says that International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union was fined by a Federal judge for blocking a train, storming a grain terminal, overpowered security guards, damaged railroad cars and dumped grain.

How much was the fine? $250,000, a pittance plus the fine is being protested and will most likely never e paid. The union got enough scare tactics to warn non-union people.

Never, never, give up your guns, as we may be heading toward disaster for those of us who believe in capitalism, no matter how imperfect it is be at times.

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