Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cruel and Usual Punishment by Nonie Darwish

Another outstanding book compassionate intellects and all others should read. Don't think the many Muslims, radical or not, are intent on taking over the majority of the world and forcing Sharia Law on Christians and others who don't follow the Koran and Sharia Law? Younger people than I need to pay better attention. Many in Germany did but not enough of them. They got Hitler and his thugs, Italy got Mussolini and his thugs and others followed.

Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Libya, Iran.......Now our greed, our arrogant elites, too many inept politicians and bureaucrats, too many overly compassionate people, our radical environmentalists and our weak leadership on so many levels led by the current president of this country, is making the United States of America, a country with much unhappiness, worrying about security, personal and financial, disappointed in their future outlook, and disturbed people. Our attempts to correct problems are made worse by too many people wanting to be "politically" correct.

Those of us that are concerned about the future of this country should become more active and outspoken. Fortunately, we have a generally correct group of Tea Party and tea party type people becoming more active.

What do we need to prevent further decay? Find new leadership both within the Democrat and the Republican parties and get the Independents and others to sort out in their own parties who are the ones that can lead us out of this morass. Should it be Herman Cain, a black man? From what I read, see and hear so far, I could support him. Or a Ryan (not George) or anyone who can win the election and oust Obama and his tribe.

Caucasians will be a minority before year 2030. I originally said 2050 but I may need to change it again as I study birth rates across this nation. No wonder so many of the white population are opposed to abortion.

As long as we have the right leadership no matter whether they are black, Hispanic or Jewish. Muslim leadership at high levels of government would not be in the best interests of this country, even though like Germany, where a large number of Germans opposed Hitler, a number of Muslims support the best interest of this country, but they, overall, have not spoken out about the disturbing actions of many of their radical elements.

Read more widely and you will find out why. Not all voters think Obama was the wrong person to be president. Polls did and do show that at least 40% would vote for him again just as polls showed that 30% of voters would have still voted for Blagovich, even after he was indicted.

Believe it can't happen here where it already is in some of the larger cities.starting in the big cities?

Europe would not have been saved by the likes of the compassionate Chamberlain. It took leadership like Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Can we come up with the right person in these difficult times?

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