Sunday, August 21, 2011

Texas Governor Perry Does NOT Doubt Global Warming

On August 18, 2011, the Peoria Journal Star reported that "Perry doubts global warming". This article was taken from a liberal Associated Press release. As clearly stated in the article Governor Perry "does not believe in MAN-MADE global warming calling it a scientific theory that has not been proven".

Even most poorly educated journalists know that global warming and cooling happens with regularly over spans of millions of years. I suspect most liberal journalists do not know that approximately 10,000 years ago glaciers extended all the way to withing 20 miles of where I was born. Evidently not MAN-made global warming melted them??? Good thing that Al Gore and Michael Moore and their ilk weren't alive back then.

The JS is consistent in leaving out the one word that changes the meaning of a whole article and of course the AP will slant any truth to make it a Republican negative.

Many of the uneducated or poorly educated seldom read the contents of an article, making their judgments from the headlines.

May I also note that the stabbing resulting in the death of an innocent, allegedly done by a black man was hardly front page headline stuff. Makes the Journal Star look more like the Enquirer. While sad, blacks stabbing blacks or whites committing any violent action in Peoria is hardly front page headline news.

In Peoria.

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