Sunday, August 21, 2011

Allen Mayer for Illinois State Senate???

For all you property tax owners and those interested in the unevenness of property tax assessments in general may wish to note that Allen Mayer is and has been, Chairman of the Peoria County Tax Committee. While protesters by the dozens came before the County Board to protest, Mr. Mayer always suggested we move on to further business like his approval of new indoor signage for the courthouse at a cost of $190,000 when the country was going into a recession. (The motion to buy failed by a 9-8 vote with Allen voting to buy, The record shows I voted no).

Mayer, a typical Democrat politician is "wily" and there is no doubt he is smart. I quote a March 27, 2009, column by JS columnist Karen McDonald as follows: "A handful of of residents showed up for a Peoria County Tax Committee, chaired by Allen Mayer, to complain about their property tax assessments. What they heard was Democrat Supervisor of Assessments, Dave Ryan, explain how the assessment process works. When Ryan's talk ended, "wily" Mayer asked "if their were any QUESTIONS about what Ryan said". Since the residents were there to complain about the unfairness of their assessments and knew how the assessment process works, they did not have questions; none of them spoke up.

Mayer promptly closed the meeting stating "What we are trying to do is answer questions, get facts out in both directions. I'm sorry you folks didn't get the opportunity". while telling the residents "they should attend the next full board meeting", knowing full well that no board member, under the threat of legal action, could speak up in behalf of any citizens protesting the unfairness of their tax bill or bills.

I chaired the full board meetings four times. Mr. Mayer would do all he could to ignore me or carry on a conversation with other nearby Democrats. Or speak up without being acknowledged. I finally told him to "Allen, please wait and perhaps you will get an opportunity to chair the board someday".

I highly request that voters consider what they have representing them in Congress as we head into anther recession and consider what it will be like if
Mayer is elected to join the "tax and spend" group no embedded in our governmental system.

On the other hand, you have Democrat Dave Koehler, 2nd biggest spender in Illinois state government, running for Congress.

The Republicans, to my knowledge, have not picked a candidate. Pretty hard for a Republican to win in a Democrat controlled 46th District where 90% of the Democrats in that District vote the party line.

Shades of Blago!!

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