Friday, August 19, 2011

Caterpillar Stock Continues Plunge

Caterpillar stock is down over $37 a share this year yet the JS reports nothing but strong growth continuing. On the same day, the WSJ gets it right by writing the truth. The Wall Street Journal says Caterpillar "pace of growth slows" with the sharpest slowdown in the North America.

Profits up but slow growth kills the profit which analysts consider "history".

That's us folks, the land of Lincoln and marred by people like Ryan, Blago and Obama, left wing Democrats, left wing media types, the lobbyists, the special interest groups, radical environmentalists and career bureaucrats.

Who did I leave out? Oh yes, weak kneed Republicans like Ray LaHood, Dave Leitch, etc.

At the same time Cat continues building it's unneeded (they got along without it for 75 years) Visitors Center while there $13 million gift to the underfunded museum has most likely been spent. While shareholders shudder and wonder whether CAt will go to $20 a share as it did during the last recession.

You may recall, I blogged in 2010 that the the museum planners had already spent $12 or 13 million on planning of the now $90+ million (growing I hear with change orders) museum BEFORE a spade of earth was turned. And it appears big screen theatres IMAX or IMAX like, have lost their mystic. IMAX stock down from $37, 3 months ago to $16 a share today.

I stand by my origanl projection - the musuem will lose somehwere in the nigihborhood of $1.5 to $2 million a year after the first year of it's opening.

And underground night parking for the museum in downtown Peoria with the black unemployed, unschooled youths getting bolder? You think England's problems are a long way from Peoria? Think again. Why do you think young city councilman Spain, about halfway there on a learning curve, is pushing the warehouse roadwork to benefit the museum allowing more above ground parking?

I'm told not to worry, these youths will be in studying in our $50+ million new libraries, being educated in our $92+ million new #150 schools, buying minimum priced $47 Civic Center seats or spectating at the ball park or expanded zoo.

And in the museum or visitors center. Whoops, I overlooked "working" at all the high paying jobs requiring some technical skills and a work ethic, now available on Peoria. Or will be at the 15 years too late Vo/Tech school at the last years abandoned Woodruff School.

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