Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Senator Dave Koehler Quotes on Unions

Koehler is quoted as saying "Look at the contrast of how we deal with the issue (of education reform) and how Illinois deals with the issue. In Illinois, (unlike Wisconsin, etc.) we sit down and talk."

Koehler, who is identified as the biggest spender of public tax dollars in Illinois, should be asked, "if that is true, where have all the unionized businesses that once made Peoria a leading manufacturing center, gone and why? Or, why is our city and #150 School District in such serious financial trouble with only one solution, raising taxes or raising fees?" Or in #150, laying off the 'last in' even if they are the best. (seldom true in the private sector unions) Yes, I've always recognized the incompetence of some businesses and some both private and public boards. And also with union members a sitting majority on both sides of the table during negotiations. (Peoria County Board??)

Laying off or firing in the public sector? Not much. Has everyone forgotten that Governor Quinn once threatened to layoff 2500 state employees? "Not over our dead bodies, said the unions". And now look at the financial situation of our poorly regarded state in comparison with all but two other states in the union.

The quick settlement of the Caterpillar union contract, Dave? The union did not have much to talk about with Cat moving jobs to "right to work" states, modernizing through innovation, and powerful enough to relocate any part of their business wherever they want to.

Including headquarters. And, if it happens, it won't be from lack of museums and "other circuses".

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