Friday, April 29, 2011

Journal Star Quotes Dave Ransburg

Way back on 4/9/03, when Mr. Ransburg was Mayor David Ransburg, the JSEB wrote their opinion about Ransburg's stance, "Museum a piece of the Downtown puzzle". Here is what the editors wrote, "It's no surprise that Peoria Mayor David Ransburg would characterize as "useless" a study that dares suggest a $60 million (the last figures I have "Project Cost/Funding Summary", pegs the PRM Museum projected at $94.9 million; overall project cost of $140+ million) museum would be 'the highest and best use' of the Sears block. Ransburg has already made up his mind that the museum doesn't fit that description, so this study doesn't tell him what he wants to hear. For that, he has his own consultants or will find them."

The JSEB continues, "What the mayor doesn't want to hear is that his desire for denser development-a hotel, high rise residential, retail, offices-may be unrealistic in this economy, (2003) and in event would require subsidies."

The JSEB continues, "What he doesn't want to hear is that the museum may be able to carry the Sears block, perhaps by itself."

So much for history. Ransburg now heads the entire PRM Committee, Lakeview will be phased out over time, I'm told. As for the JSEB, which at that time, the power on the Editorial Board, was the departed Barbara Manz Drake, "Businesses would have to be subsidized'? Good grief, 72% of the museum is CURRENTLY being subsidized by the taxpayer and Ransburg's Committee is still seeking more from the public in the form of "New Market Tax Credits".

Again and still seeking more from the public.

Who said that that the PRM was still seeking "New Market Tax Credits"? Dave Ransburg at yesterday's Construction Committee Meeting.

Another "Good Grief".

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