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"Green" Policies Kill Jobs

And the EPA doesn't care. Back in June, 2006 through September, 2006, I blogged a series of articles, one blogged on 6/2/06, titled "Fatal damage caused by actions of extreme environmentalists" and on 9/2/08, I blogged, "Radical Environmentalists in Central Illinois". Locals tried forever to call the PDC Hazardous Waste Landfill a "Toxic" landfill despite numerous letters from the IEPA denying their claims. Toxic my ass. Would these people eat horseshit? I'm sure it's toxic but we use it as fertilizer to grow grains we eat. The "horseshit" spread by the radicals we are expected to swallow.

"Regulatory environment is choking the business world", said the Illinois Chamber of Commerce".

Nationally renowned columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote on 11/12/2007, the following, "NBC, owned by General Electric whose favorite color green means money, bragged that NBC sportcasters turned off the lights in the booth to kick of "Green Week", while the the game itself burned 65,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and 35,000 cubic feet of natural gas. Cars and SUV's driving to the game spew out 200 metric tons of CO...."

But then if you like to be bull shitted, watch the very liberal NBC as they twist the news to favor the far left and support Obama's radical policies.

And, yes, my household consists of environmentalists, recycling most everything and preventing litter whenever observed. I take credit, along with Phil Luciano and the JSEB of starting the litter drive now being pursued in the area.

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'Green' Policies Kill Jobs
by Bethany Murphy

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have, in the midst of a major recession, enacted policies and regulations that strangle job growth. The Heritage Foundation is hard at work identifying regulations that they have put in place that make it harder to do business.

Testifying last Wednesday before Congress, Heritage Foundation energy expert David Kreutzer explained how environmentalist government policies kill jobs.

"American taxpayers have, at the behest of the green lobby, subsidized research into renewable energy sources that can't survive in the free market," he said. "Forcing taxpayers to subsidize energy they would not buy at its full price does not save them money, nor does it make production more profitable."

He outlined for the committee how regulations have and will impact the economy.

The notion that cap-and-trade will have costs in terms of lost national income is not peculiar to analysts at conservative think tanks. In September of 2009, a panel of economists from the Brookings Institution, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Congressional Budget Office, the Energy Information Administration, and The Heritage Foundation presented their different findings on the economic impact of cap-and-trade policies. None of the economists argued that cap-and-trade would stimulate the economy. Instead, the debate was over how much the economy would be harmed.

The Heritage Foundation estimated that the Waxman–Markey bill would have cost the economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year and would have led to an aggregate loss of nearly $10 billion by 2035. The disruption would have cut employment by nearly 2.5 million jobs by 2035.

While testifying in front of another House committee last week, EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus said the agency does not consider how its regulations affect the economy.

Visit myHeritage to watch the video of Stanislaus' astounding explanation and join in the discussion by leaving your comments.

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