Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anonymous Donors

Some people who make anonymous donations may have a good reason. Retribution from those who don't agree with them. Disclosure of any donation over $200 should be available from the county and state. I have often looked it up myself to see who was supporting whom. It was easy to put together what financial gain they had in donating to one candidate over another.

Note that Hispanics, blacks and unions are some of the largest donors to the Democrats. Not hard to figure why. I suspect some of these will be donating anonymously in the next election or giving more cash.

I belatedly agree it may sometimes be best to be anonymous. I did not ask anyone to put up a yard sign for me in my last election because I knew the Journal Star had done there best to smudge my reputation. Nor in my all three successful elections for County Board did I accept any contributions. Except I did accept printing of my last run brochures from a retired friend and $100 cash from a Democrat friend. I so noted this before in a blog on this site.

I also admit look askance at any one raising money whose views I feel are detrimental for the financial growth of this city, county and country.

I now donate to few political causes or politicians but I never made an anonymous donation in my life. I do not fear easily even if I know it may cost me money or to be disliked. I have also cut more charitable giving unless I am sure the money is spent for those victims of circumstances beyond their control. There are too many free-loading off the compassion of too many non-believers or what Jesus was chronicled as saying, "teach a man how to fish,.....

This blog was prompted by an article by James L. Huffman, a professor of law at Lewis and Clark, "How Donor Disclosure Hurts Democracy".

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