Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peoria is Full of Hypocrites

Of course, those of us who aren't influenced by special interests already know that. Take one example - the new museum.

Our new City Manager said, and I've quoted it on this site, that no construction on the museum would start until ALL money was actually received.

Ho, ho. The $16 million endowment is about 1/3 funded. As of the first of the month, only 30% of the pledges were collected. (ask to se the PRM's Financial Statement) Good luck.

The $5 million that now Governor Quinn promised BEFORE he cancelled a special trip to Peoria to brag about his prowess has NOT BEEN recived and most likely never will be recived from a Governor who can't find the money in the state coffers to PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED TO PAY.

The museum was to be built with a maximum of 43% public funding. (Letter stating so signed personally by Michael Bryant, Chairman of the CEO Roundtable and Jim McConoughey, President of the CEO Roundtable. This letter was addressed to me personally dated December, 11, 3008).

Now it will be 73% and possibly growing. Don't believe me? I challege anyone to prove me wrong on this site.

An IMAX was promised by almost anyone calling themselves "leaders" in this community.
Now our leaders say that it probably won't be.

I could go on and on and on about lies about just the museum let alone the Gateway Center, the garbage fee that our fathers say is really not a tax??, the ball park, Midtown, etc., etc., etc.

In April will come forward more hyprocrites. They will elect Eric Turner who lied to me more than once, he lied to the public on Lincoln Library. (Fortunately, John Morris isn't running, he is quoted in the JS that there had not been a new library built in Peoria in 40 years. What about RiverWest and Southside Libraries, both now closed? The leader among some other incumbents who have put this city in the worst financial position in its recent history is Eric Turner.

Turner, Spain and Sandburg; Sandburg, who is often right, but seldom gets any other votes from the council to support his position, will all be reelected by hypocrites.

The best candidates are Akeson and Summers. They will not be endorsed by the powers including the JS. Weaver has a business background but I fear he is too close to what is known as "the good old boys and girls club". He also wants to bring back buying the water company to 'finance new police and firefighters', a really bad idea. I told Weaver it will be hard to say no to special interests and it is the special interests who want the city to own the water company to add to our sprawl and avoiding approval from the ICC for more special interest sprawl.

More to come on Turner.

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