Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knapp, Union Win - Edison is Booted

Other than moving out of the area served by #150, sending kids to private or parochial schools, Knapp and the union have finally been able to stifle competition from the privately owned Edison Group. The school board and administration helped by promoting unqualified minorities as principals and getting the district in the financial mess it is in.

When I visited Loucks Edison a number of years ago, the school was a model of success. Then the principal took a job with Dunlap and the new principal assigned to Loucks was so bad, he had to use a bullhorn in the cafeteria to keep order. The next step was closing Loucks and presenting the building to the new semi-charter school, Quest.

How many times have we heard administrations and union representatives wail "we can replicate Edison without paying Edison all that money".

Yet they never did. Already I am hearing negative reports on the new $40+ million (counting the contributions by the city and the interest on the long term bonds) Glen Oak School. And now Lathan wants to relieve Randy Simmons of his principalship at Peoria High, one of the best principals the district has ever had. A move allowing more interference by outside government into the operating of local schools.

As I said in previous blogs, zoos, museums, ball parks and recreational centers subtracted from all the negatives locally and negatives from the Democrats in Springfield and D.C. will be and are the major cause of this vital corporation to possibly relocate corporate headquarters elsewhere. They have already transferred thousands of jobs out of this area.

Elimination of the successful Edison concept will not help Peoria's efforts to hold and entice new businesses and new #150 residents. You don't judge schoolroom success on just "teaching to the test" but on the well-rounded social product produced. With the RIGHT principals, Edison was well worth the money.

Nicole Wood at Northmoor is one of the best examples. Edison has been a success with the "right" principals.

Less than $1 million and half a year to keep Edison out of a budget of $160-190 million dollars and outstanding bonds of near $100 million dollars.

Worse yet is few qualified people want to run for the school board.

Take another look at Knapp and his union buddies ridiculously high pensions. I've blogged the figures. To review just enter "pensions at #150" in my search bar area of any blog I've written.

Another sad day for Peoria.

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