Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jonah Goldberg Was Right Back in 2000

As he is today. Goldberg said,"this past decade should have been about something". It was, Terri Nolan of San Clemente wrote, "the millennium ushered in the zero decade. Zero down, zero accountability, zero oversight and zero integrity."

How true and sad. Now 2000-10 is history with all the statements by Terri Nolan of San Clemente; all these zeros came true. Does 2011 look much better? Despite all the optimism of "change", the fact remains that while a minority are better off, this world has not made much improvement for perhaps a majority of people. And that despite all the rosy promises made by our politicians in Washington and the State of Illinois.

Oh, sure, we made some improvements but now the money is ALL spent.

Because of the excesses of greed, the risk of using OPM in the public sector and the 60's attitude carried over to today's leadership, this great country is in decline and possible more rapidly than the optimists think.

And I'm an optimist. I'm still in the stock market. However, there are still a dozen good reasons why the city should not own the water company. (As Grayeb and Weaver and probably Urich will promote; if it's so profitable why don't the multi-millionaires in this city buy it?)

Nor do I believe the hundreds of millions we have spent or are spending downtown, will solve the city's and school districts financial and social problems.

By the way, Goldberg is a must read. Gene Robinson is not.

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