Monday, March 28, 2011

IDOT - Flashing Yellow Lights

Mr. Williamsen is writing in reference to my recent blog "Flashing Yellow Lights" which you can easily find by entering same subject on my the search column on all or any of my other blogs.


Mr. Widmer,

My name is Brian Williamsen and I am a Community Relations Manager with the Illinois Department of Transportation. I'd like to pass along a video link and a brochure, featuring information on our flashing yellow arrow signals that we are installing here in District 4.

I understand this topic is something you have written about recently. If you wouldn't mind posting the video link to help us get the word out, we would appreciate it. Thanks very much!


Brian Williamsen

Community Relations Manager

Illinois Department of Transportation, District Four

(309) 671-4854 (office)

(217) 720-0443 (cell)

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