Thursday, January 20, 2011

Left-Wing Democrat Decision Makers in Chicago

I see where one of the far left black Democrat elected officials in Chicago would like Carol Mosely-Braun to be Chicago's new mayor. As if this city isn't probably the most corrupt large city in the country right now.

Good Grief.

And the white left leaning Democrats want "behind closed doors Rahm E." Do these conniving politicians still smoke big cigars from Habana'? Probably not, they have enough people who would vote for a Democrat even if he/she was convicted of grand larceny.

Good grief, again. Is there no God up in Heaven?

A lot of people are leaving Illinois and more would if they possibly could. If I had a lot of money and a wife who liked Florida, (she lived in Florida three years before we were married) I can't think of many good reasons today to hang around Peoria all year. Bradley basketball? Probably not, although there was a time I was a big fan and active in Bradley fundraising. Not recently. Or rising taxes? I guess most don't leave for Arizona (which my wife doesn't like either; her being a Wisconsin gal) because Arizona and Florida have somewhat similar sets of problems as Peoria but the winter weather offers no comparisons.

It is most likely that in the coming years the spending by Illinois Democrats (and Republican) will prevent much new business to come in or expand in Peoria or Illinois. FireFly was Peoria's great phony hope of the future. Bass Pro will mainly spread the spending dollars and may have already contributed to one company out near the Shoppes to either cut back, relocate, expand or flee.

The new tax-payer backed hotel expansion, if it occurs, will probably doom a couple of other hotels. Don't count on the Civic Center to start hauling in big conventions from Vegas, New Orleans and Miami. Or even Chicago. Dollars spent on supporting these tax-collecting enhancements like the new museum (and new zoo) , the new
$50+ million Taj Mahal Peoria County Nursing home built on the excuse that there is no safety net for the Medicaid population, are less dollars to be spent elsewhere in the Peoria area. Why only the best for this taxpayer funded nursing home? Read the minutes of the committee and board meetings; it had to be the best to "compete" against the private sector.


Illinois is a classic example of the themes of P. J. O'Rourke writing such as "Soak the Poor and Kill the Rich". Or was it the other way around? Anyway, the first book I read by P.J., was "Parliament of Whores". After spending 10 years in the political arena and becoming a student of how government even on local levels fits the title, I highly recommend reading this realist comedian author for all those snowed in days in Peoria.

Haven't read any of his writings? Check him out.

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