Thursday, January 20, 2011

Camden, New Jersey, Like Peoria Tries to Correct the Errors of the Past

Sure Camden and Peoria are laying off, or should be, police officers and firefighters. Check the records of these public servants benefits. Past Democrat dominated boards with weak Republicans voted to raise salaries every year not willing to face the fact that sooner or later they would have to pay obscene benefits. Union leaders must ask for more money on every contract and if they get a lot more money than those in the private sector, more power to them.

Now the public boards want to take some of these benefits away and the union leaders say no. That's how union leaders get reelected.

So the public boards say you must take cuts now or be laid off. The union bosses say no and take their case public in a successful attempt to make the public boards look bad by claiming their citizenry will now go unprotected. Probably not much if marijuana would be decriminalized as some states are in fact, doing.

Enough said as many times I have correctly stated that public boards, often controlled by ex-union people, are much weaker than most private sector boards. Not counting General Government, I mean General Motors, and other's of their ilk like World Com, Enron, Global Crossing, Adelphia and hundreds of others in the private sector.

Of course, if I was getting an obscene salary with matching benefits, I, too, would be opposing any cutbacks. Human nature is that if you give somebody something and then thought better of it, I'm not about to give it back especially if I've already spent it planning my future.

Pay attention to who you elect. And then watch the closely. That's the problem. Our politicians support a lot of "Roman circuses" to keep the potential voter away from the polls. Nationwide, 30% of the registered voters voting is considered a "good turnout". Even then, half the people vote along party lines. I suspect less than 25% of those do not really know the real issues or the character of the person for whom they vote.

How's the snow and ice up in Peoria?

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