Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tea Party Targets for 2012

Jon Testor of Montana
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Kent Conrad of N. Dakota
Joe Machin of W. Virginia

All left wing liberals up for election in 2012.
Find candidates to send all four of these Democrats back home where they belong.

Look up their voting records.


Sud O. Nym said...

Joe Machin (WV) is a left-wing liberal? How am I supposed to look up his voting record when he hasn't even been seated as a Senator yet? If you mean his record as governor of WV, then I think you'll find he's pretty moderate.

Or is it just Democrat = Left Wing Liberal to you.

Merle Widmer said...

He has been in politics a long time. He has a voting record. I have yet to meet a Democrat politician who is a "pretty moderate" except on certain votes.

I have said on my blogs that there is not a lot of difference between partys when it come to bringing home the bacon. If they worked harder to keep more money in the communities, they wouldn't have to rape the innocent who doesn't want all these earmarks and subsidides from the government.

Steve C. said...

Both "parties" should realign, then vanish, as they appear to be "drunk" on power. We have allowed "elected" beurecrats the authority to extract our wealth by force, and do with it as "they" please. Odd to me that we hire people to think of ways to "take" our money, by law. It gags me that people donate money to "politics", abbeting the "robbers".