Wednesday, October 20, 2010

$51,000,000 Bel-Wood County Nursing Home Borrowing Ordinance

At the August 12 Regular Board Meeting, item #19 read, "An Ordinance from your Finance-Legislative Committee, Committees chaired by Democrats Mayer and Dillon, for the issuance of $51,000,000 debt to cover expenses for the construction of a new Bel-Wood. Dillon moved to approve and Mayer seconded the Ordinance."

After considerable discussion, the vote was called and all Democrats and Republican Baietto voted to approve and Republicans Widmer, Harding, Trumpe, and Elsasser voting no.

Now read my next blog. It appears that the sky is the limit for compassionate spending in Peoria County. And we accept patients from other counties partly funded by Peoria County Property taxpayers.

At least it appears that a few of us have succeeded in at least asking administration to take another look as escalating costs.

Concerned citizens should be speaking and not by just writing a letter to the editor saying that a new $54-5-6-7-8 million dollars would be nice. The questions is, is it a wise expenditure of $51 million, more or less is borrowed money that must be paid back over 20-30 years with interest?

Especially in these turbulent financial and speculative health care taxpayer costs.

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