Friday, August 13, 2010

PRM - The Grand Lies Continue?

A message from Anne. Yep, a Giant Screen Digital Theater. Oh boy. The scary thing about this whole mess is that the County Contract puts certain restrictions on the PRM; one being that if they don't come up with additional financing when required, the contract calls for them to cut down on "operating costs and overhead which could cause further financial problems and eventually, possibly no tenant. Then what? Or would Peoria County use it as a larger "old record" storage system - or Cat - a larger Visitors Center Or more likely, another "white elephant" on the riverfront??? Or more taxes? Which would be the more likely scenario?


AnneC has left a new comment on your post "IMAX SAYS NO ONE IN PEORIA IS INTERESTED"

Hi, I'm Anne---the one that contacted IMAX. Yes, I have forwarded this email to the mayor.
To see the "Grand Lie" about IMAX, you need only go to the Build the Block website. It's STILL up there! Go to
wait for it to load, then click on---yup---IMAX (upper left of the design). Read the very informative pop-up. Nothing about an IMAX knock-off there.
Some more interesting facts about the planned "Giant Screen Digital Theater":
It will have just 200 seats---less than the Town Theater in Chillicothe.
First-run movies will only be shown once per day, and only at night. During the day, "educational" films will be the only shows available.
Since the "educational" films will have an admission price about half that of the first-run movies, receipts will be lower than if first-runs were shown more often. IMAX requires its partners to guarantee a certain dollar amount in ticket sales (the majority of a ticket price goes to IMAX). If those sales are not met, the partner (in this case, PRM) would have to make up the cash difference. Do you think PRM has that kind of money in reserve?

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