Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peoria County's Voluntary Separation Plan

This plan, accepted by approximately 72 older employees working for the County last year, did not exactly turn out as publicized. First, administration said only 25% of these vacated jobs would be "backfilled" (hiring replacements). Now another surprise; the number backfilled was 50%.

Another surprise from Peoria County Board leadership and administration.

Not all elected agree with the plan, State's Attorney Lyon commented "that he does not support the VSP as a repeat practice." The County is looking at other ways to make up for decreasing revenues including flat certain percentage "across the board" budget reductions to all elected officials. Not a very good practice and one seldom used in the private sector.

The private sector shows their loyalty by hiring back the ones best suited for a particular need when the company can afford to hire back.

Most public sectors continue to give wage increases to the unions and then grant compensatory raises to non-union employees. Peoria County unrepresented employees will receive 3.5% increases effective Sept, 1, 2010. Some employees have had raises this year. Another 35 appear to be in some sort of salary limbo. Elected officials have fixed raises amounting to approximately 3 1/2 -4% annually compounded.

Raises in the private sector, I understand, have been few and far between. Also, 9,000 people in the private sector are out of jobs. Not true except perhaps for teachers, in the public sector.

Revenues to the County are pretty much down so far this year. I'll report how much down or up in September.

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