Thursday, August 12, 2010


How long has the Lakeview Museum Board the various PRM Boards know this? Talk about transparency in this community!! No wonder Ransburg wants his meeting to be closed.

Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 9:43 AM
Subject: new response from IMAX

Well, this is interesting.....
Yesterday afternoon I emailed IMAX through their website. Here's the response:

Dear Anne,

Thank you for contacting IMAX Corporation. At this time, IMAX Corporation does not have a client interested in opening an IMAX theatre in Peoria.

Best regards,

IMAX Corporation


Anonymous said...

Have you forwarded this to the Mayor.

Eye in the Sky

Diane Vespa said...

Who is Anne?

Cameron said...

Shocking....not really. Somebody needs to shut this mega-failure down and refund the Peoria citizens their quarter percent.

Mahkno said...

LOL... Wow...

Followup question:

Has anyone from Peoria ever contacted IMAX concerning a possible theater?

Anonymous said...

Hi Merle,

always fun to read your posts. The IMAX in the Quad Cities is amazing. Anytime we head back to our folks house for the holidays we pack everyone up and head to the IMAX. OH, my folks live an hour and half away from the Quad Cities. So we make a point to go there. And guess what we spend money on gas, ice cream snacks. All after going to the IMAX. It is to bad that what is being said in the papers and what you received from IMAX are completely different stories. IMAX's response sounds like they didn't even hear from anyone from Peoria. Keep up the good work always enjoy reading your blog

Merle Widmer said...

I sent an email to a nmber of people. Also, the Mayor reads my blogs.


Merle Widmer said...


She is a friend of mine. We worked on the vote "no" referendum. But I see what you are driving at. During the meeting I asked Ransburg and Beasley from Cat to send me verification that they are in "intense" negotians with IMAX. He changed the subject.

I'll put it onm my blog when he does. Don't hold your breath.

Merle Widmer said...

It's too late to stop the Titanic. The "best and brighest" have set sail.

We'll see.

Merle Widmer said...

IMAX was promised many times in the "educational" $600,000 drive put on by the PRM.

On 8/14/08, in "Facts about the Riverfront Museum", it reads 'The PRM will feature an IMAX digital theater with state of the art fiber optic system'.

AnneC said...

Hi, I'm Anne---the one that contacted IMAX. Yes, I have forwarded this email to the mayor.
To see the "Grand Lie" about IMAX, you need only go to the Build the Block website. It's STILL up there! Go to
wait for it to load, then click on---yup---IMAX (upper left of the design). Read the very informative pop-up. Nothing about an IMAX knock-off there.
Some more interesting facts about the planned "Giant Screen Digital Theater":
It will have just 200 seats---less than the Town Theater in Chillicothe.
First-run movies will only be shown once per day, and only at night. During the day, "educational" films will be the only shows available.
Since the "educational" films will have an admission price about half that of the first-run movies, receipts will be lower than if first-runswere shown more often. IMAX requires its partners to guarantee a certain dollar amount in ticket sales (the majority of a ticket price goes to IMAX). If those sales are not met, the partner (in this case, PRM) would have to make up the cash difference. Do you think PRM has that kind of money in reserve?