Thursday, August 19, 2010

Democrats Played and are Playing Major Roles in the Freddie-Fannie Disaster

Foremost among the Democrats was, as usual, Barney Franks as he said on Sept 10, 2003, that there was no and had been no problems with these two corrupt taxpayer supported financial firms. Joining in the chorus was Democrat Charles Schumer. They are still in the same chorus but now that so many Democrat seats are up for election, I see and hear a small change in support by the Democrats for this corrupt massive financial missile.

Voices of reason George Bush, John McCain and most all Republicans, could not make reform progress as the Democrats in Congress voted as a block against badly needed reforms.

Bush's major problem was that he didn't wield the veto pen often enough and the Republicans could not reach the independent voter.

The Republicans with the help from most of the Tea Party people may be able to oust a number of Democrats in November if they can keep from shooting themselves in their mouths.

I am an independent thinker and voter but I have yet to see a Democrat on any level who is running for office for whom I would cast a vote. Unfortunately, there are still a few entitlement and special interest mentality Republicans that I would prefer not to continue representing this country at any level of government.If you are paying attention, you surely see that this country citizenry and it's governmental bodies are far from being out of the woods. In fact, the "woods" are getting more dense.

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