Thursday, April 15, 2010

Transportation Secretary LaHood Drinks More "Kool Aid"

LaHood says the government is going to give bicycling and walking the same importance as automobiles in transportation planning and the selection of projects for federal money. LaHood, a Republican or was, is proving monthly to be a misfit for this position. I suggest LaHood look more closely at the sorry condition of our highways. But of course, he doesn't drive them much; he flies. He should look at his own city who went to the expense of putting in bicycle lanes narrowing two lane streets like Howett and Lincoln into one lane with bicycle paths. As many times as I've driven these streets, I have yet to see a person riding a bicycle in these paths.

With LaHoods efforts to kill off competition to GM (now called Government Motors) now, with this hair-brained idea, I hope there is a complete change in 2012. But then, as many people believe, all politicians of any party have "first things first", in mind, take care of special interests and tax and spend.

If you recall, LaHood supported the $800,000,000++++ "highway to Chicago", then Rt. 29 to Chicago, then the ring road and the new bridge over the Illinois river to support Caterpillar, one of his major sponsors, (it takes CAT equipment to build bike paths and walking lanes) all, of course, in the best interests of the rest of us who no longer have jobs nor pensions.

Maybe he has us in mind believing that soon, we won't be able to afford vehicles. How about thinking of buggy paths? He also supports an Amtrack route from somewhere to Peoria to somewhere when Amtrack loses millions of taxpayer dollars yearly.
But I should remember that LaHood runs in an elite monied crowd that supported $27 million borrowed money for "high priority" libraries, the high priority unfunded Riverfront Musuem, the.......

I've always said there is no "glory" in repairing things so let more bridges collapse, more highways, sidewalks and curbs crumble.

But some folks really ought to cut down on what they are drinking.

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