Friday, April 23, 2010

Teachers and Their Unions Assault State for More Money

I support non-union private and parochial schools to compete against the type of teachers and unions who took a day off from teaching to try to intimidate the Republican Lawmakers in Springfield. It is MY OPINION and the opinion of many others that if it weren't for the bad economy, the unions would have ALL the Democrats and some Republicans in the bag and their hands further in property tax paying citizens pockets.

Who paid for the buses to go to Springfield from Chicago? The teachers? It would be interesting to know. Also who organized the protesters? You should see the film of the major speaker ranting; a union boss.

More pay for better performance? Absolutely. Promote by tenure? That's a major portion of what's wrong with the system. How the school board is selected to run $150 million dollar budgets? Not working and hasn't worked in a couple decades. Until these things are changed down in Springfield, don't hope for much change even if the City, who has it's own sets of problems, takes over Peoria Public School District #150.

I have long been a supporter of public schools and I have listed before many good schools that I have visited and many I didn't visit. And most teachers are competent. It's the system that needs a drastic overhauling. Yes, i did attend the meeting at the Civic Center this week and it was interesting. Unfortunately, much of the same "we need everybody to participate" bunco. Participate if you aren't listened to? I think not.

I note that most of the people shown in the news appeared to be obese. But then a large of population of middle aged and kids are obese.

That should alert us to present and future dangers.

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Merle Widmer said...

Being a major proponent of the private sector over the public sector, I have never understood why someone who thought they were underpaid didn't get another job. I did. But I know that most would not get the pay, job protection and benefits they have now. In fact, some could not find or hold a job in the private sector. (Yes, I know we need the public sector but not in the excess it intrudes now and it's intrusion is growing rapidly unnder this administration and congress)

Now that I learn that Peoria people including Diane Vespa and her kids rode Peoria Charter buses to Springfield to protest for more pay for teachers, I suggest that the overtaxed property tax payers in Peoria got stuck with this bill too.

Now I'd like to know who organized the Peoria trip. Norm Durflinger? Maybe, but I suspect the union so they can collect more dues. If so, Durflinger lives in Tazewell County and therefore doesn't pay Peoria excessive property taxes.

Diane speaks of my rudeness in this blog. Evidently she didn't watch the rudeness of Knapp and Darling of the ITF and the woman spokesperson representing the Charter School on the eve of the School Board vote.

That televised event showed real examples of rudeness.