Sunday, October 12, 2008

Subsidize the Bad Managers and the Gullible Poor

Problem is government wants to subsidize the rich too. Zach Barron, of Boston writes, "Unfortunately, I don't think our elected leaders or the public at large (the public elects them) understand that the linchpin of a successful free market is that bad decisions need to be punished and good decisions should be rewarded. Bad policy is still bad policy. Bailing out bad managers; they are usually rich on OPM, means using capital produced by good managers. This is socialism at it's very worst--punish good decision-makers, reward bad decision makers.

The reforms we need to prevent this from happening again are simple: stop subsidizing unqualified buyers and loose spenders."

Tim J. Sobering from Manhattan, Kansas; home of Kansas State University, where I once made one of my best sales, writes that it galls him that that both Republicans and Democrats got us into this financial mess quoting Democrat Rep. Barney Frank who said of Fan and Fred, "I think we see entities that are fundamentally strong financially' and I want to roll the dice a little bit more toward subsidized housing", meaning Frank and Dodds and their ilk wanted more political donations from these badly managed entities.

Thad York from Encampment, Wyo., says "It is high time for Congress to quit pointing fingers and look in the mirror". He suggests that Congress should have voluntary deductions made from their earnings when they make bad decisions like the sub-prime loan mess. Or a pay-on-performance plan.

I suggest sooner or later a strong man either thru the aquirement of weapons of mass destruction (think dirty bombs) and/or through deceit, or both, will hold this nation of ineffective political leaders hostage to the will of a few.

It starts with socialism and we are well on our way down that slope.

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