Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama's and the Powerful Unions Card Check Bill

As you recall, the "card check" bill to end the secret ballot in union elections is on hold because many common sense Democrats realize that this would be dangerous to the private sector; need I remind anyone that it is the profits earned in the private sector that fund most government in this country; dangerous, also, to their re-elections.

Quoting from the WSJ, 3/9/10, "in a novel variation on pay to play, Obama is planning to force companies to raise pay and benefits for workers if they want continued access to federal contracts. Waiting to cash in on the impending Executive Order are unions that would end up with a (greater) piece of the government's $500 billion in annual contracts. The government can't steer contracts directly to unions." (non-profits funded mainly by taxpayer dollars can, the Peoria Riverfront Museum will be a good example)

"This Executive Order is being drawn by Joe Biden's Middle Class Task Force. It would oblige government procurement agencies to give contracts to "responsible contractors" who pay well and offer higher health benefits, pensions, sick leave and other benefits."

Sound somewhat similar to the new County Asphalt Ordnance drawn up by County Administration and approved by all but one of the Democrat majority on the County Board.

Obama and his administration's, the same as Peoria County should be doing, main goal is to find the best services provider at the best prices. Procurement agencies are not to be agents of social engineering.

Sorry, but they are. Watch for a lot more that has already been maneuvered by Obama and his administration and is underway at a rapid pace as I write. This move to expand the control of businesses by the government, would also include right-to-works states where other efforts are underway by Obama to weaken the positions of right-to-work states.

Debt? You haven't seen anything yet here in Peoria County and the nation as a whole whose triple A bond rating is in jeopardy.

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Peoria County Residents said...

Dear Merle,
Our rights are erroding in Peoria County under union, strong arm tactics. Please see John Stossel's article at:
Thank you for your "common sense voice" in PC!