Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deleted Blog

My blog taken from a friends email to me along with 40 others is apparently using false figures on health care comparisons. However, the majority of opinions I receive and data I've collected definitely indicates that ObamaCare is a major mistake for the vast majority of people. I suggest reading the Wall Street Journal today especially page A13, an interview with Gary Becker, a founder, along with Milton Friedman, of the Chicago school of economics.

I have always been concerned that those with their hands out to government and have goodies placed in those hands, will always support the party that makes these handouts, no matter what else the person or party stands for or does that is detrimental to our country.

Sorry, but I work alone. No secretary, no researcher or English teacher. Of almost 1200 blogs I've written, I was bound to make some mistakes.

That being said, I would like to know of other surveys on U.S. health care comparisons including costs, quality of service, wait time, etc., with other countries. I have heard of horror stories, some locally, one story yet to be told, many of them involving individuals and not necessarily the intent of the provider.

Thanks, Mike Madigan, for pointing out my apparent error.

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Things happen.