Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Senator Dave Koehler - Big Spender of Taxpayer $

Democrat Dave Koehler was declared an enemy of taxpayers in a report released by the National Taxpayers United of Illinois established in 1976. For the period January 2007 - January 2009, members of the Illinois House and Illinois Senate were scored 0-100 as to how many times that they voted against tax hikes and against tax cuts.

Koehler, from Peoria, was the worst in voting scoring a 15%.
Republican Representative David Leitch was 2nd worst in scoring a 38 tied with Don Moffit of Galesburg. Leitch rails at the big spenders down in Springfield when addressing Republicans.
Republican Senator Dale Risinger was close with a 46% tied with Mike Smith of Canton

Best local friends of the taxpayer were Republicans Keith Sommers of Tazewell County with a 69% and Aaron Schock with a 62%. Best friends in the Senate were Senators Gary Dahl of Peru and John Jones of Mt. Vernon.

The average score in the House was 34% and in the Senate, 27%. The average score by party was House Democrats 22% and 13% in the Senate Democrats. (Surprised??) The majority of the taxpayer enemies were from Chicago or the Chicago area. Surprised, again???

The average score for House Republicans was 49% in the House and 50% in the Senate.

Still, there are not nearly enough friends of the taxpayers in Springfield. Thus, I'm hopeful the Tea Party people will do more than hold rallies. Holding rallies is helpful but NOT the solution. The solution is to get the more conservative, common sense types to run for office and then the big problem of funding them so they can get their stories out to the voters, 18% in the last local election.

So sad.

All significant tax increases or tax cuts and spending bills were included in the survey. Complete results can be found at the NTUI web-site

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