Monday, November 23, 2009

Journal Editorial Board Cartoons

For a long time I have read the highly biased cartoons in the JS without commenting. The last two have really raised my ire. Despite the fact that we are giving civilian court trials to the the murderers of 9/11/09, the JSEB continues to doublespeak as they did under the Manz-Drake regime. "We were for it before we were against it before we supported it". They should show some shame by showing the last two cartoons appearing on the editorial page in a paper becoming so devoid of meaningful content. And so few meaningful local news that they may soon deliver the paper to subscribers with a single small rubber band even with the Observer included.

I had a conversation with the "person-in-charge" of a well-known public body recently who said "the only way she and her employees could find out what was going on was to follow the media and you know we don't know what we read and hear is the truth."

Well said.

The absurd cartoon of Representative Aaron Schock showing his efforts to learn more about the "would be president-for-life Zelaya" and Schock's seeking justification to support the apparently legitimate current Honduras government, shows the ignorance of the left-leaning newspaper editors and their "stong" support of Obama, their subtle support of Castro and Chavez and the "Obama can do no wrong" cartoonist. If the "cartoonists" crude grade school drawings can be called cartoons. The JSEB recent Editorial about the U.S. returning to "the rule of law" as a civilized country compares to the O.J. Simpson "rule of law" farce verdict. (I can't read the ignorant cartoonist's scribbled name but I do know he must come cheap. And I know the JSEB occasionally puts in a conservative cartoon and publishes a conservative LTR.)

Following the dictum of the JS, this country is rapidly "leaning" to becoming a pacifist, socialist, "civilized country", to later become part of a "one world government" led by perhaps the ilk of Chavez and possibly Obama; who knows exactly where he is heading. (Think the U.N.) Despite the false readings of the stock market, if we don't find a conservative, realistic leader we can elect to replace Obama by 2014, the country our service heroes fought for died for and were maimed for, will become a country many of then might not have "bravely or scared to death" sacrificed their lives and health to defend the freedoms for the mis-taken ideology "of why can't we all just lay down our weapons and just get along?"

Today's media reports that the 9/11 murderer wants to plead guilty so he and those who follow him to trial, can have a world side audience to brag and explain why they were only able to kill a minimum of 3000 innocent people and more if the actions of heroes who love our country hadn't destroyed the killers and themselves in a field in Pennsylvania. Holder and company says they won't be able to use his trial as a propaganda podium.

We will see. Why do you think Obama is going around the world apologizing to those who have used our country for their own gains? Sure, we realized many gains also. But this administration appears bent on destroying these gains.

The U.S must hold itself up as a beacon to the world as a civilized country? Sure we're civilized. We are the leading nation in incarecerated per capita. And still lead most countries in crimes committed. Obama and Holder must sleep with a smile on their faces. Smiling also, is Osama, Muhammad up in heaven with his millions of virgins, all the terrorists and soon to be terrorists and Khalid Mohammed.

Back to the cartoonist. He is a "cheap shot crude cartoonist". And left-leaning newspapers constantly print far-left leaning columnists; racists would be a better term for some, like Robinson, Pitts, and occasionally Dionne and locally, Adams. The paper tries to show it is fair and balanced by occasionally printing Goldberg and Krauthammer, two of the most realists conservative columnists widely published today and a few realistic cartoons. But most of the rest of the conservatives are gone from the JSEB.

Fortunately, someone writes a sensible letter to the editor such as Mike Bigger, of Wyoming to offset a barrage of sheer stupidity as written by the likes of Mark Haggis of Pekin who may or may not understand that Obama is left-leaning therefore decrying the ouster of Zelaya. Despite the fact that the Zelaya ouster was supported by "every institution of the Honduran civil society, his own party, the Catholic church, included Zelaya's revocation of the U.S. visas of the members of the Honduran Supreme Court and his threat not to recognize the constitution of his own country?"

Thanks to Howard F. Jaeckel, of New York and his LTE in the WSJ on 10/21/09.

On 10/09/09, one of my most favorite columnists, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, wrote in the WSJ about the Zelaya government and it's supporters, "Revolutionary Anti-Semitism", quoting a leading Honduran radio station broadcaster on 9/25/09, the following, "Sometimes I ask myself if Hitler wasn't right when he wanted to finish with that race, through the famous Holocaust, because if there are people that are harmful in this country, they are the Jew, the Israelites."

Zelaya and his ilk are hungry for power and are supported by the dangerous nut-case in Iran, Chavez, Castro and with the subtle support of our Democrat President and his administration and many members of his party.

We are living in the most dangerous times of this nation and one of the far most dangerous is the ilk of the little guy Gitmo detainee posed between the two "big" American terrorists, one probably an illegal criminal we taxpayers support, in the absurd cartoon.

The cartoon today showing the terrorist as the 'little' Muslim killer alongside big imprisoned brutes, many of them illegal immigrants, with the citizens described as fear mongers.

The JSEB should know that their paper, often called the 'urinal" Star creates about as much terror as to their position on local and world events as some of the terror caused by prisoners incarcerated in our jail and prison systems. Years ago the JS was accused by a local family of causing one family member to commit suicide because of the daily hammering of this person by this newspaper. How many more have been driven out of their minds and out of the community because of vicious attacks by this near bankrupt (Gateway, who owns them) and shrinking in meaningful content, news media?

Never once has the JSEB praised any of my accomplishments without adding the word "but".

I know the JS can and do, bury me in barrels of ink; they buy a lot less these days, but they will never silence me. Even though they tried to stop my being elected to public office; I ran for an office or position 9 times and was elected 7 times; four of the campaigns in which I spent no money. My name still appears on a prominent home office based company, a company I founded with 2 employees, in 1964.

See my next blog on a subject the JS evidently found not worthy to print.

Thank you, my readers, and I only wish I had the health and energy to write more than I do. "We find comfort in those who agree with us-growth among those who don't."


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