Saturday, October 03, 2009

Karrie Alms Announces Candidacy for Peoria County Board

Karrie Alms, prominent community leader announced her candidacy for Peoria County Board seat, District #3, occupied by 18 year Democrat incumbent, Lynn Pearson. Mrs. Alms made her announcement during the Republican 2nd Ward breakfast this morning. It is my opinion that Mrs. Karrie (John) Alms, a long time friend and fellow campaigner will have the support of the Republican Central committee.

The County Board is composed of 12 Democrats and 6 Republicans. There is no doubt that a better balance of political parties would be an asset to Peoria County.


Diane Vespa said...

I would have loved to blog about this earlier today but she seemed to be keeping it a little quiet and I didn't want to betray her confidance.

She has my support!

Precinct Committeeman said...

Only Because she is opposed to the current office holder. She never mentioned in her speech the word Republican in as far as most people will at least say "I am a long time republican or I have been one for so many years" She spoke more of her family situation then on the topic of her platform or issues she would be a champion for the electoreate.

Anonymous said...


Or maybe she is not in step with the direction the county board is heading. You may not have noticed that bragging about being a Republican did not go over to well in the last election.