Friday, October 02, 2009

Chicago to Host the Olympics? No

Chicago and Illinois may rank among the top 10 of the worst place to draw huge money spending crowds in a time of recession, it's reputation for white collar and uneducated criminals and corruption on so many levels. Hardly a desirable climate, either. I'm not surprised that Chicago was rejected on the first round of voting. However, Chicago would have done better if they had sent Blago with a potfull of cash, the entire Acorn Board of Directors, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, Andrew Mozzillo, Hillary and Bill, of course, the personable Rahm Emanauel, the Springfield Ethics Committee, the charming new head of the AFL-CIO and the Board of the ITF, Mike Madigan and half of the Springfield Legislature plus Michael Vick, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa. Oh, I overlooked an unshaven Lou Pinella and spitter Alphonso Soriana. Plus that $50 million dollar "star player" they kicked out of the Cubs locker room and dugout.

And a couple of drug kingpins to assure an ample supply of the stuff that allegedly killed Mike Jackson. By the way, the good news today was that Mike had a strong heart. Stuff about Michael is always newsworthy. It's about all our stressed out minds can absorb from the media.

My friend Karrie Alms enticed me to try to read Mike Madigan's 2009 Capitol Bill. By the time I reached page 80 I'd already thrown-up and then I threw up again when I learned the the bill contained another 920 pages of earmarks. That the government takes and only gives back a percentage of what may be "phony money, (at one time 70%, now some believe the figure to be closer to 50%) to the community, every politician out there is battling for their share no matter how it gets spent. Got to prove your merit in largess to your financial supporters if you expect to get re-elected. Sad, isn't it. Maybe a museum garage without the museum or money for a zoo parking lot, or a bridge to an inhabited island or airport expansion with 10 flights a day. Or a trail used by 30 people on a good day. Instead of walking or biking a trail, buy a treadmill and watch CNN (they are still taking about Haley or Hailey mother or daughter two years later with each broadcast labeled "breaking news". Learn what's going on in the world while you hike or bike. That's what the "barbarians" approaching our gate are doing. Yeah, much of the TV media sector is broke, all right. So is much of the audience.

Are we that bored?

If I sound sarcastic, I am. If you wonder why, I suggest you go back and read the 1000 plus blogs I've written that bares my soul. But then, maybe you aren't that bored. Oh, well.

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Scruff said...

Somebody must have shuffled Merle's pill pack.