Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Peoria Roads - Poor Condition

So wrote former 22 year Peoria resident Barry R. Schneider from Palmetto, Fl., on 4/28/09. Barry says "our roads are a costly embarrassment. My last two visits (to Peoria) were in December 2008 and April 2009. I have never experienced such poor highway and road maintenance". More than that Barry, these bone jarring jolts play havoc with tires, suspensions, etc.

Some have noted that city maintained streets, sidewalks and curbs, have progressively grown worse since our "new" City Highway Manager, Dave Barber took the position. As for IDOT, Illinois has been ranked numerous times in the top ten of the worst roads in the country. The most workers standing around, the most equipment tied up and by far, the most traffic tied up and by far, the most orange cones.

To be "world class" we have to lead in enhancements and entertainment to keep the creative class in town. Our roads are not the only thing going wrong in Peoria. Our public bodies keep spending more and raising taxes. However, I believe the spending is on hold right now but over the next four years, watch for a considerable increase in property and sales taxes.

Better roads and less crime? No.


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Scruff said...

This post would have been more appropriate last February. Haven't you noticed all of the new repaving work in and around Peoria?