Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dan Proft For Governor - News Release

Dan was in Peoria for a short visit yesterday. A number of us got to spend some time with him. He is my selection for Governor of the State of Illinois. I have some literature, signs and petitions. 692-2591 Or I can fax you a petition.



Sept. 29, 2009

Why a Scalpel Doesn't Work

Fundamental System Change Is the Only Solution to Illinois' Problems

Anyone who tells you we can solve our state’s many problems simply by going line-by-line through the budget, posting everything on line, or taking a scalpel to minor government programs is not only mistaken, he is misleading you. I have committed this campaign to telling you the truth about the desperate condition of our state and what we can and must do to find our way back to prosperity.

And the truth is this: the balance between the citizen and his government is dangerously distorted in favor of government employee unions. Government no longer exists to serve you, the citizen. Rather, you exist to perpetuate government and its ever-expanding unions.

This problem affects every state across this country. The public sector is cannibalizing the private sector to fulfill promises politicians, more often than not Democrats, made to government employees in exchange for their votes.

The Free Enterprise Nation has compiled just a snapshot of this problem:

• The average state and local government employee earns 29% more than the average private sector employee, according to The Tax Foundation’s analysis of 2007 data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

• Since the recession began in December 2007, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that private sector employment has declined 5.74 percent, while government payroll has grown 0.83 percent.

Now these promises, in the form of pension liabilities, Medicaid benefits, and a host of other costs, are coming due, and government is finding it can’t keep them unless it takes more and more from you.

The irony is that the people who take risks and compete in the private sector are subsidizing more lavish benefits for those who take no risk whatsoever and are not subject to competition. The public sector simply defies the law of economics. As the Chicago Sun-Times uncovered in its investigation into Illinois’ pension system, nearly 4,000 Illinois retirees have an annual public pension worth at least $100,000. Guaranteed by you; financed by you; and all for the benefit of the Democrats' patronage armies.

But this immunity from economic laws cannot last forever. And forever is right around the corner.

Here’s what’s coming: Illinois has an unfunded pension liability upwards of $80 billion, the highest in the nation; in 10 years Medicaid spending will consume half the state’s budget.

My opponents in this race want you to believe that Illinois’ problems can be solved with a scalpel, a little more line-by-line scrutiny, or by posting everything on a brand new shiny web site. Good suggestions all, but it is a distraction from the real problem and the tough solution.

Unless we face our problem, the voracious cannibalization of our private sector by public union locusts will continue until there is no more tax money left to reap.

We must fundamentally change the relationship between you and your government; a public sector service should be a worthwhile career, but it should not be more financially rewarding than the private sector, and it cannot be immune from economic realities.

To do this we must institute system-change reforms on Illinois’ pension system, Medicaid system and spending system; the bidding war of public sector salaries and benefits must stop. We will tie those salaries and benefits to what exists in the market place. Above all, we need to stop taking more from those who can least afford it.

I am the only candidate in the race who recognizes the nature of the real problem that we face, who is being frank with you about the problem, and who is ready to take the fight to the Chicago Democrats who won’t give up this scam without a fight, no matter how much they have to soak you to keep it running.

If you’re one of the people who play by the rules, join me and let’s Un-Fix Illinois.


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