Tuesday, September 01, 2009

History and the Role of Activists and Pacifists

Most of us want to live in peace. We do not want to be involved in nor witness carnage. However, acts that create violent death and destruction are facts known through the history of our universe. Activism does more to create a more secure world than does pacifism. Constant struggle and sacrifice for security brings us some of the peace we seek. Almost always, at a great cost of suffering. It is those who are ever vigilant, those who risk their lives to give us the opportunity to live in a relatively peaceful United States of America.

Most of our young people do not know much history and why we are, at the present time, near the top of the being the safest and most secure country in the world.

However, this freedom allows us to kill each other at the rate of 41,000 a year on our highways. This freedom allows us to kill ourselves and others with drugs of all kinds including alcohol abused. This freedom allowed us to worship as we please, elect and appoint possibly some of the most dangerous people in our history and some of the best in our history. This freedom allows a few in leadership roles to hinder our ability to keep those who wish us dead, and there are many, from wreaking further destruction on us and the rest of the peace seeking world. By attacking some of the most important public servants whose mission is to keep us free from a Shariah and Islamaniac or similar form of government, puts our freedom at great risk. We are hearing and reading about our own government attacking our security community gives solace to those bent on the destruction of our way of life. Our security forces, our government and politicians are a long way from being perfect but we have the right of peaceful dissent and elections generally free of corruption. Those who wish to destroy our way of life do not tolerate dissent or elections free from corruption.

Under Shariah Law, now making inroads in parts of Europe, such an act of waterboarding and threats would be considered to mild by radical elements of society, but public beheading and public lashing would stifle any type of dissent or get any type of confession. Women's rights, gained over many years in this country, would slowly be eroded. Those involved in terrorist acts look at our pacifism as a weakness to be exploited.

Freedom from inside or outside aggression as we strive to accomplish in the United States should set an example to other countries, to have their own somewhat similar version of freedom. Freedom is what most people agree is to lead a relatively peaceful existence, the right to vote and elect our leaders by secret ballot, be reasonably safe (auto deaths and gang violence are not reasonable) liberty to get an education to help us get satisfactory work, support a family if we wish, travel around our country without harassment, and be a contributor to society. All in pursuit of a reasonable amount of happiness.

Those who die and are maimed are heroes beyond most of our apprehension. All who honorably served are our heroes. And those who support our security forces are heroes too.

This email was sent to me by a friend. Read on and keep reminding our youth why other's sacrifices have given them what they feel is their "right". Wanting to live a peaceful life without danger is a nice belief. Current and past history prove it has never been a reality.

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