Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dan Proft for Governor of the State of Illinois


September 2, 2009

CHICAGO -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft issued the following statement today on Comptroller Dan Hynes' proposed income-tax increase:

"Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes formerly announced his campaign for governor today by touting a “major policy proposal.” What he introduced was a major tax hike. Mr. Hynes should be more careful with his choice of words, since what we heard from the new entrant into the gubernatorial race are the same failed policy proposals which have destroy Illinois’ economy.

"Mr. Hynes wants to distinguish himself from Gov. Pat Quinn. But Mr. Hynes’ biggest problem with his opponent is that the governor hasn’t raised taxes high enough.

"Even with the tax rate we currently have, Illinois lost 175,000 private sector jobs last year and ranks 48th in the nation in economic performance. Only Michigan and Ohio rank lower. Raising taxes will only increase the speed at which Illinois’ economy is circling the drain.

"Instead of driving people and businesses away from Illinois, we need to make Illinois a growth state again. I’m the only candidate in this race who has the right proposals to do so.

"Both Mr. Hynes and Gov. Quinn want to talk about how much to raise taxes. I’m the only candidate in this race who is discussing how much to cut them.

"Both Mr. Hynes and Gov. Quinn want to quibble about how to finance the status quo. I’m the only candidate who’s trying to challenge the status quo.

"The Chicago Democrats, including Gov. Quinn and Dan Hynes, have created a public sector which is cannibalizing the private sector. The people of Illinois cannot tolerate another four years of their destructive policies."


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