Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Museum Predictions

OK, $640,000 and the strong support of the media led by the Journal got the referendum passed by the landslide margin of 1/4%. I therefore predict that the museum when up and running will in a relatively short time, prove to be the largest mainly publicly funded disaster in the downtown area. It in time will be surpassed by a larger failure of the $106 million dollar hotel project guaranteed by the City Council and will be paid for by taxpayer dollars to the tune of $30 million or more.

I plan to live long enough to see my predictions come true as have all my others except I did not believe Bergner"s could support two stores in Peoria. Other.wise, I'm 100%.

Good luck, Peoria.


Anonymous said...

Merle, have you ever considered building a cabin, high in the Canadian Rockies, far from any other human being, far away from civilization, where no one would bother you?

Then, and only then, do I think you might have a happy moment.

No, wait. You'd be mad at the hawks for pooping on your porch.

Scruff said...

Merle- this vote is actually a blessing for you.

Without a museum for you to complain about, what would be the purpose of your existence?

Merle Widmer said...

Actually, I lead a pretty community active life considering how I evidently compare to you and scruff.

Try not to feel sorry for me. I can enjoy life most anywhere and among most everybody.

As for people of your ilk, ignorance is bliss. That's one reason why the wealth of this country has been cut in half over the past two years. Some haven't realized that fact yet but they will when they suddenly find out they can't pay their bills and must apply for welfare and food stamps.

Oh, I forgot the Socialistic type stimulus bill which will help us build more "circuses" and assure everbody a job complete with a massive array of benefits will keep us all safe from people who "resent" the life style I work so hard to preserve.

Perhaps you and your ilk haven't noticed the people out of work, the houses up for sale, the closed former businesses, the potholes and deteriorating streets and curbs as well as the increase in crime etc. Did I mention the financial plight of #150 and soon, other downtown icons?

But perhaps you work for a tax supported public body where your jobs pensions and health care are safe. It is a cinch people of your ilk are not smart enough to still own a private business unless you inherited it or married into money. Then lucky you!!!

Which of the above? Or all of the above.

PS. When your out of town aquaitnances come in to visit the Regional PRM, they will contribute the share of revenue that will not be spent by any of my family. After getting them checked into one of our many hotels and after the museum and IMAX visit, take them on a tour of the less affluent parts of the city. Don't miss the empty building, the rundown homes and the structures for sale. Try not to hit the potholes. Show them how well rounded this community has become as our government "spreads the wealth".

Maybe your ilk can be a catalyst in bringing more people to open businesses here and buying some of these "for sale" homes in Peoria County.

God Bless.