Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Museum Expectations as a Result of the "Landslide" Referendum Win

I would expect Jim Richerson to resign but of course he won't.
I would expect Mark Johnson from Caterpillar to take early retirement. He may.
I expect the problems of the museum group are just beginning.
I would expect Caterpillar to keep their headquarters in Peoria and their stock in 5 years to rise to half the value it was in 2007, then $82 per share and now $29 a share and sinking.
I expect Caterpillar to stop paying a dividend before September 30.
I expect a lot of Peorians will "wake up and smell what a mixture of perfume and manure smells like; manure", in the next few years.
I expect to see more empty buildings and houses for sale over the coming few years.

I would make more "predictions" of this communities future but I'm in too good of a mood and am going to go to bed.

P.S. If you think I used too many "I's" in this post, please substitute "we" whenever you feel it is appropriate.


rlojr said...


Thank you and Karrie Alms for your tireless efforts to halt the museum plan. At least we can feel better that we tried to get the word out and do something about it. And with only a 51% "landslide," this can't be a very popular museum.

I also agree on many of your predictions, though I'm not sure about your Cat predictions. I often have predicted that Peoria is on its way to become another East St. Louis. Just look at what's going on around us... increasing gang problems, crime, failing schools, crumbling roads and infrastructure, inadequate police and fire services, deficits and red ink by the bucket load... the list goes on.

But enough of my babbling. I guess I'll go take the Vote No sign out of my yard now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, riojr, just a little more effort from most of us and a little less depression and apathy of potential no voters and the community would be better off.

my computer won't accept my password so I'm annoymous.

Anonymous said...

Considering that a few months ago, the pjstar poll for the museum was 2-1 against, no landslide was expected.

I would hope now that as citizens of Peoria, you would hope to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

With the tough economy, job losses, tax talk at the federal, state & local levels it is truly amazing that this passed. It only happened with a group of dedicated volunteers who believe in a brighter future for Peoria. Positive won our over negative.

Anonymous said...

the passing of the "white elephant" museum had nothing to do with the very low voter turn out [about 29%].guess this wasn't so important to get people out because the apathy was clear with the non-voters. we'll see who is crying when the costs go up and the number of visitors don't jive. just another peoria downtown project that will drain us of more money with little or no bang for my buck.