Monday, April 06, 2009

Public Facility Tax - I Strongly Advise a "No" Vote


Fed up? Had enough? Reminded of Old McDonald’s pig …here an oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink …..?

YOU get to vote on a binding referendum, a rare opportunity to decide if YOU want to voluntarily raise your taxes. At last the opportunity to keep your hard earned money for yourself and your family by voting NO on April 7th.

Taxpayers, voters, residents are tired of being bullied, threatened and taxed to death for every want while the needs are ignored. We are doomed if we do not approve the latest ‘build it they will come’ project, the next ‘fix’ to rejuvenate Peoria. Tax increases are harmful, especially when there is no end in sight for who is reaching into your wallet for yet another “tiny’ amount. $17 per year sales tax per person for 20 years would equal a Peoria County property tax rate increase of 13 cents per $100 assessed valuation ($130 per year for 20 years on a $100,000 home). Regrettably, the debt cancer will spread throughout Peoria County if this referendum is approved.

Why are taxpayers giving tax money to a not-for-profit organization, Lakeview, to build a public facility known as a museum? Something is wrong with this picture and so the questions go on and on and on.

To sum it up … Wrong plan. Wrong funding mechanism. Wrong time..

On every level, federal, state and local, we see that spending our way to posterity is not working. Whatever happened to our time tested values of needs vs. wants, living within your means, and saving for a rainy day? Please help each other to give our posterity a debt free future. It begins with you and your vote.

Peoria County voters please vote NO on April 7.
Karrie E. Alms
Citizens for Responsible Spending
P.O. Box 641
Peoria, IL 61652-0641
Home residence:
1005 NE Perry Avenue
Peoria, IL 61603-4041


Anonymous said...

I voted "no" on the tax. Assuming the referendum fails, what else can go into “The Block"? I have driven around it several times recently but couldn't see much through the black "wall" surrounding it. The wall will soon become a target for graffiti. Something must go in there or it will become a disgrace to Peoria. The planning and promotion of The Block reminds me of the fiasco just on naming the museum. What a laugh that was! So let's hear some other ideas on what to put there!

Anonymous said...

Merle, you old senile bag, once again something good for Peoria has passed (and the people voted for it.) Just like the RiverPlex the Museum will do great things for the city of Peoria and the riverfront. Maybe you should stop wasting your time trying to stop good things from happening in Peoria! You fight a dirty battle and it never does you any good! It will be a great day for Peoria when you no longer around!!

Merle Widmer said...

Ok, we got the RiverPlex and broke the Prk District and many many privately owned health clubs. PPD not broke? Only the Foundation keeps bailing them out while the PPD raises feees and drops programs.

Let's look at the WONDERFUL Museum tha attracts 80,000 less vistors per year than projected. Why are more people moving out of Peoria than in????