Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tazewell Construction Project _ 850 Jobs

"An upcoming project at Midwest Powerton Station will create as many as 850 construction jobs at the plant, said spokeswoman Susan Olavarria".

She said the plant, located on Manito Road, will be installing emission-reducing pollution controls to comply with state and federal environmental requirements improving the environment for the community.

Not exactly the product producing jobs we need in this country, the project does produce jobs for many of the trades.

This upcoming project was mentioned by Dan Silverthorn about a year and a half ago saying jobs worth 3 billion were on the horizon for the Peoria area.

Needless to say, a fully employed work force is a tremendous asset to any community.

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Merle Widmer said...

While this will employ a mostly skilled tradesman, this is not the type of job that creates more jobs or creates a product.

Our stimulis bill is packed with make work and pork. Mostly for the public sector to increase government and their hold on middle class America while handing out more benefits to those who are gladly embracing socialism.

I suspect this local environmental clean up job will employ only union workers.