Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heros and Heroines

Senator Judd Gregg, Republican tapped to be Obama's Secretary of Commerce withdrawing when Obama moved one step further down the road to a socialist government or worse. Keep an eye on Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. I pegged him long ago as a Democrat Socialist and he is living up to my impressions.

On the local scene, Kingman student Treavion Baker, seven years old, honored at the Neighborhood Association awards banquet for forming "Picking Up for Dreams Team" to pick up litter around his neighborhood.

Paul Wilkinson, president of the Neighborhood Alliance and president of the AltmontPark Neighborhood Association, who received the mayor's award for his continued work in improving his neighborhood.

Also honored were Ed Dentino, Richard Slusser Nathan Wagner and David Tidd, all honored for their on-going efforts to make their neighborhoods and Peoria a better place to live.

Patti Smith, for organizing Operation Santa and making it more than work. Patti and her volunteers collected, stuffed and mailed over 25,000 packages to our military forces deployed around the globe. Donations are accepted year round and Patti is in the process of "growing" her organization. She can be reached at

Patti is a mother of two deployed Marines. She can also be reached at citizen, now operating in 43 states supporting our armed forces. A woman on the go to make this a better country. After all, "the cock may crow, but it is the woman who lays the eggs".

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