Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Missed Projections in Peoria

I left out a few more: Caterpillar, some insiders projected a split when the stock hit $80 dollars, the stock closing at under $40 today, Cub's Food on Knoxville, the closed supermarket on the South End, Damon's, In-Play, RiverStation, One Tech Plaza; no not gloom and doom, just the facts before we launch into committing more taxpayer dollars into suspect projections.

i know some who own Caterpillar stock who would prefer the money committed to the riverfront be used to bolster the value of Caterpillar stock. Also, word is out that more veteran Cat employees took the early retirement recently offered them than was expected by Cat management.


worried cat worker said...

Don't think you're quite on with the last comment, Merle. VPs are already starting to announce how many jobs they need to cut since not enough people took the package in some divisions.

Merle Widmer said...

Rumor is a total 5000. Three people told me that management was surprised at the large numbers that took early retirement in their departments. Some staggering numbers, they say, when you add up all the years of experience that will be leaving the company.