Friday, December 12, 2008

Shelby, Alabama Republican Senator Hypocrite

On 12/22/1995, John A. Barnes wrote in the Investor's Business Daily "The New 'War Between the States', This Time, It's Economic as States Fight to Lure Businesses", In 1993, North Carolina and Alabama waged a war to host the first American based production plant for Mercedes-Benz, a foreign car maker.

Alabama offered a $300 million dollar subsidy and landed the plant in a non-union state. Mercedes-Benz laughed all the way to the bank and Detroit looked on in consternation. Shelby, who I've listened to over quite a number of days and concluded that while he may have a lot of college degrees, he doesn't appear to be the brightest of the seemingly not too bright bunch running our government out of Washington, is a first class hypocrite.

States all over the country offered subsidies to all types of businesses including foreign auto-makers who received more than their share including Normal, Illinois won out subsidizing Bloomington and other states to land a foreign automaker. Normal has been subsidizing the plant ever since.

It amazes me that government can subsidize new businesses to compete against established businesses who in effect are paying taxes to subsidize their own competition.

Yes, I know it's a game called let's "Rob Peter to pay Paul, played by all who stand to make some money on the deal. Who were the most generous states to give away taxpayer money in 1993? By amounts; New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Missouri, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois.

Shelby, like most politicians, are hypocrites, liars or worse, After all, Illinois has Blago and the Chicago Gang plus a lot of others. Chicago Olympics is another place I'll not be spending money.

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