Friday, December 26, 2008

Referendum "Slush" Fund Tax

On 12/24/08, In an article written by Karen McDonald of the JS titled "Museum Tax Running out of Time, County Board member Tim Riggenbach, now running for the City Council, said "While I think It is a great project, (the museum) and I want it to succeed, I'm smart enough to know if we have HALF percent of sales tax indefinitely, there's no way that would pass".

Of all the county board meetings I attended, we were talking a QUARTER percent. This was the first time I heard double that amount.

Note that very few taxes levied with the approval of the voters, ever came off your tax bills at it's scheduled demise.

There is a lot more to this referendum bill signed quickly and strangely by Blago, then most voters understand right now. With your help of others, we will get ALL the facts on the table before April.

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