Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Dream and the Nightmare - Myron Magnet

Myron Magnet, author and member of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal, was recently honored with the National Humanities Medal. His book, "The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties Legacy to the Underclass"; (I bought 10 copies of when it was published in 1993 because I felt anyone paying attention to the downward slide of our society should read it), is only the most celebrated of his achievements.

Of the 10 books, I lent out nine of them to people who appeared to be concerned After many years, I received 3 of them back, one was mailed back to me from Campaign, I lent those three out a couple of years ago and I only received one comment.

Oh well, I guess Nora Roberts and James Patterson make much better reading. So why do people wonder how we got in the shape we are in and blame it all on the politicians; however, Darin LaHood has yet to return the book I lent him last spring, "Enough" by Fox Guest and columnist Juan Williams. Basically Mr.Williams said to his black race, "you are listening to the wrong leaders and if you continue to do so you will believing you are victims of the "white man and the system" till the end of time".

I suspect the book is no longer in circulation in our Peoria Public Library System. They probably needed to make room for more romance novels.

I can still lend out my copy.

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Merle Widmer said...

Thanks, Darin, for returning my book. I note your bookmark is on p. 67. You can reborrow it if you wish.