Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rahm Emanuel - A New Deal for the New Economy

Commenting on Obama's first cabinet job offer to Emanuel please refer my blog of 3/20/08 or the WSJ 3/19/08 edition p. A19. Emanuel was once the lead architect for Hillary Clinton's ill conceived Hillary-Care. Emanuel should send the believers of less government is good government into a panic. This man from Chicago believes in his world there is no inconvenience in life that more and larger government can't ameliorate.

Quoting Lawrence Donaldson from Comfort Texas, "The problem with Democrat Emanuel proposals is that they substitute government wisdom for individual choosing. Yes, sometimes individuals make decisions that turn out badly. Surely he doesn't think government is immune, does he? Impudent individuals turn out to relatively limited to the damage they do to the national well-being. Impudent ideas of the federal government possess the potential to do enormous harm". (Think the sub-prime mess fueled by the Democrats aiding and abetting the downfall of Freddie and Fannie and the mess in the financial markets that are dragging this country into an abyss.

Please don't tell me more government regulation would have prevented the mess we are in. We have enough regulations of the financial industry to fill 10 drawers of storage. But what good were these regulations when the Democrats and some Republicans wouldn't enforce them?

Professor Lee H. Igel, PHD New York University said to "Watch Out, Emanuel wants to take care of you. When it comes to conserving and strengthening what we call the middle class, no reasonable person would argue against "a new social; contract for America's worker that includes quality education and health care, the development of more efficient and effective technologies, and favorable savings and retirement plans. But if there is to be such a contract, it had better be the one that is an ALTERNATE to the idea that 'We the people can have it only by negotiating with our government'".

Emanuel a free market man? No way. A union shill and protectionist? Pull up his history as a Chicago political hack. If this is Obama's idea of how he he going to be an "across the aisle president", buckle up for a more rapid ride to a "Big Brother" who will take care of all middle class needs.

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Anonymous said...

Hussein is showing everyone how much he backs Israel and the Jewish people by associating himself with Rahm. Right.