Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama's Campaign Promises

I like this definition of a defeated politician: The candidate who never has to explain why he (she)is unable to keep his (her)campaign promises".

In didn't take the unions long to call in their "chips" for the massive support they gave Obama. "Labor Wants Obama to Take on Big Fight", by Kris Maher in the WSJ today. Labor wants fast action on the Employee Free Choice Act which is anything but free, to pass this before businesses have more time to organize to fight this disastrous proposed new law.

Quoting Mr. Maher and Kara Scannell, who also contributed t this column, "Both sides say the legislation would lead to increased unionization. Unions say that would lift wages and help the middle class, while businesses say it could increase costs and eventually lead to widespread layoffs.

The bill would give unions--rather than companies under the current law--the choice of having workers vote for a union by signing cards instead of through a secret-ballot election. Cardsigning is preferred by unions because it can be done without an employer's knowledge. With secret-ballot elections, companies typically have months to mount an opposition.

The bill also authorizes an arbitrator to impose a first contract if a union fails to reach agreement with a company by 120 days following the union's formation. Under current law, which the union dislikes immensely, if the two sides don't reach a contract withing a year, the union typically loses it's right to be the exclusive bargaining agent for the workers,"

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor of the Weekly Standard and co-host of the "Beltway Boys" on Fox News Channel. (No Fox will not fade out of political power, watch and see)"An even more telling reflection of labor's new power in Washington is lockstep Democrat support for card check which is overwhelmingly unpopular with the American public. But as a lavish funder of the Democrat Party and the biggest source of manpower in Democrat campaigns, labor expects union leaders to vote for it anyway. And the unions care a lot more about the issue than the public does.

But Obama and Pelosi pledged to be more bi-partisan.

No one in Washington believed her and no one should.

Some say its the economy that is diminishing workers and retirees nest eggs but let's not kid ourselves, like the little girl who told a friend's little girl that "now that we have a black president her family would no longer need to work".

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