Monday, November 10, 2008

JSEB - Our View - Stevens of Alaska

I'm no fan of Senator Stevens of Alaska (see my blog of 10/27/08) but I know the reason the Republicans reelected Stevens was to maintain at least 60 seats so they can filibuster what many of predict will be some disastrous special interest legislation submitted by the Democrat majority.

The Democrats will find themselves between a "rock and a hardspot". If they expel Stevens from the the Senate, which ethically they should do, the Republicans will fill the seat with another Republican, possibly Governor Sarah Palin, who would then get the "seasoning" MSNBC and many Republicans said she is lacking to be presidential material.(Good grief, think Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi!).


And yes, Blago, if he ran again would be reelected by the Democrats. (Here, again, think Jehan Gordon).


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you're wrong about Gov. Blago! How can anyone one with a 13% approval rating get reelected? When Tony Rezko is done signing, Blago will have t be fitted for an orange jumpsuit (I hope).

Phil Bayster said...

I can't help but question the ongoing excitement over Sarah Palin. Yes, she has consistantly drawn huge crowds at all her public appearances. But I am afraid that a significant portion of those crowds is just waiting for the next foolish comment to come out of her mouth.

Palin's ongoing media exposure suggests that she probably does have aspirations that go beyond Alaskan politics. If that is the case, she should put a temporary hold on public appearances and focus on coming up to speed in all those areas that she is distressingly weak.

If she would do that, then maybe a lot more people would start taking her seriously, and she would have a legitmate chance of running in 2012.