Sunday, November 02, 2008

JSEB Endorsement of Obama for President

There was never any doubt for those who read the details of what the JSEB printed. I'm sure it was an "agonizing" decision of Obama over McCain. As I've written and I believe the JSEB agrees, we could have made better choices for both parties. I agree there is no "limited government" candidate in this era of undisciplined and damaging spending.

That McCain's proposals run up more red ink than Obama's; the JSEB says by double or more, you're talking trillions. "Neither one is fiscally responsible", says David Walker of the Government Accountability Office, an organization which has never been able to even slightly slow down the spending by Congress, even in the last two years.

McCain's proposal of a 300 billion bailout to some homeowners somewhat mirrors what the Democrats are proposing now. Only, McCain meant to buy up delinquent payment homes from those who could afford to keep on making payments and keeping up their property values; and whose properties had move value than the mortgage, while making on time payments as opposed for forfeiture and eviction. No handing it out to the people Obama and Acorn are talking about; the ones who hardly have any or no equity in their homes but still fulfill Obama's dream of everyone owning their own home, afford it or not, and emulating FDR's, "a chicken in every pot". The later I can sympathize with, the former, I cannot.

Drill, baby, drill was like Obama's 57 state "slip". Many of the people who will vote for Obama never understood his slip because they do not know there are only 50 states in the United States, but there are 57 Islamic states. Some slip. As to drilling more in the U.S., the radical environmentalists, all who will be supporting Obama, have held up progress by filing one lawsuit after another on every new pursuit of energy dependence move in this country, making every effort to turn this country backwards similar to the land of the original inhabitants, pristine and peaceful. (How can they support subsidized windmills?)

With the Democrats in charge, oil will come back at higher prices than $140 a barrel because alternate energy now and in the forseeable future will make up or makes up only single digits percentage of world wide energy production. And Government incentives to alternate fuel will greatly increase under Obama if he fulfills his promise to people like Boone Pickens, who has billions invested in alternate energy. Obama says that the U.S. will be independent of Mideast oil within 10 years. That's 2019, mark your calendars.

The JSEB says they don't see Obama as a bogeyman, a "bogeyman" is a racial slur. What others see is what has been verified by the conservative press and ignored by the left leaning media. We hear of Obama's "closer than he admits" relationships with unsavory people. We see the Arabs hoping he will win because he is a "Muslim brother" (their statements, not mine). We see Obama's wife, who after all these years of reaping the benefits of a free American society and now holding a $350,000 job with an entity that is given millions in government subsidies, she has only within the last few years, felt like an American.

We see Obama denying he believes like his preacher, Obama, after 20 years of listening to this man, the man who married the Obama's, Obama denying his relationship with Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers, now turned radical professor, his radical community organizing in Chicago with Ayers as a mentor, including his relationships with corrupt ACORN, his connections with foreign despots, his elitism while claiming to be more compassionate than the McCain's. We see an Obama as a slick orator with limited leadership experience, a man who will appoint judges who make decisions based on empathy. He will thank ACORN by granting them more government funds and he will welcome extremist Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, and the nut from Iran to the White House bedrooms. He will cut funding to our friend, the country of Columbia and increase it to Columbia University and the University of Chicago and all its tentacles; both hotbeds of left leaning liberal professors, and he will propose eventually considerably reduce funds to Israel.

We see a man who is sincere about one thing out of all the many promises he is making; he will "spread the wealth" and his compassion will know no bonds. Illegals will be accepted as citizens as long as they have been here a while. They will have higher education benefits, same as citizens, drivers licences and illegals who come to America to have their babies will be always welcomed as full citizens.

Not mentioned by the JSEB is Obama's sincere statements that he will appoint judges who interpret the constitution they way they wish, meaning that emotions and feelings such as "empathy trumps guilt" and these judicial decisions will override all other considerations.

The JSEB say we voters can change this in two years.

Sure, we can. Not unless the liberal left leaning press all lose their jobs.

The JSEB believes that current conditions will cause an Obama or McCain to cut back on deficit spending and reduce taxes. McCain will reduce taxes on businesses to encourage more private spending and more jobs. Obama plans to shift the spending to more compassionate social spending and government funded infrastructure building neither adding to the GDP. And quickly add more taxes on the profits of the rich to make the U.S. leader in corporate taxation in all the free world.

And the JSEB notes that McCain puts politics first when he picked a woman as his running mate. If she was a homely woman and a good Democrat like the JSEB endorsed for Illinois State governor in 1994, the so called year of the woman, so popular that I forgot her name, would have been more acceptable than just a popular, nice looking, exuberant, common sense State Governor and a family person.

Always thinking of press "copy" the JSEB concludes, "It never hurts to have a guy from Illinois in the White House".

Well, warts and all, I endorse McCain and Palin over an avowed left leaning socialist and his running mate who is a "been around too long old party hack".

But both candidates are wrong in continuing to build a fence separating the U.S. from Mexico. There are better ways, see my previous blogs. And McCain is going to have a tough time reducing the size of our bloated government which he promises to do while Obama promises to expand it. McCain needs to press for reduced spending. Cutting back on earmarks is not that much money and very difficult to determine what is an earmark. Example, is the funding from the highway bill to build a new parking garage for the possible Peoria museum, an earmark? Don't think you'd have a museum supporter saying it's an earmark.

And what if Schock brought back no "earmarks" from D.C.? Would he get reelected?